“Is it going to be possible to teach the classes face to face?”

Is something I get asked a lot!  I honestly wish that the answer could be “yes”.  I love teaching face to face.  I love being with my clients, getting that group energy flowing and that subtle feedback on how clients are reacting to the concepts and processing them.  This is less of a facial expression and more of an energy that things are changing – a bit like being in the birth room! Plus, when I am teaching face to face, I tend not to get side-tracked by random thoughts such as:

‘What is my hair doing?’

‘Blimey – is that what I look like?’

‘Crikey – I talk with my hands A LOT!!!!’

‘Is it really necessary for me to make quite that many facial expressions?!’

However, in answer to the main question, currently, I am afraid the answer has to be no!

Pregnant on-line hypnobirthing covid-19 corona virus

The Reason Why:

The frustrating thing is there is no specific Government guidelines for antenatal or hypnobirthing classes so it really has been a question of picking out the most relevant pieces of information.  In short, pregnant women are considered ‘clinically vulnerable’ from 28 weeks of pregnancy.  This doesn’t mean they are more likely to catch it, nor does it mean they are more likely to become seriously ill from it nor are their babies likely to suffer consequences if their mother has it – in fact, all the evidence so far says that babies can’t or are very unlikely to catch it from their mothers whilst in the womb. BUT, and it is a big ‘but’ because the virus is changing all the time and scientists just don’t know what is going to happen with it, it is better to be cautious.  There is also the added complication that some people can be asymptomatic – i.e. they have the virus but are not showing any symptoms and have no idea that they are carriers.

In addition, hypnobirthing classes, by nature of what they are, involves quite a lot of focus on breathing exercises, specifically exhalations.  We know that the virus can travel in the air so by blowing out the breath, if anyone had the virus, they could potentially be sending it quite far.  Yes, I can temperature check everyone, ask clients if they have been exposed to the virus and space you out two metres etc, but they only way to be really sure someone doesn’t spread it inadvertently is to ask everyone to wear masks.  Hmmmmm, imagine that? Heavily pregnant ……… with a mask.  Deep inhalations and exhalations…. with a mask.  Doesn’t sound much fun does it?

Using My B.R.A.I.N.S

In all of my pregnancy classes, whether it is my hypnobirthing or my regular antentatal courses, I teach my clients the concept of asking questions to find out what the Benefits, Risks, Alternatives are of every suggestion/procedure/intervention.  To ask themselves what their Instincts are telling them and to consider doing Nothing for the moment if there is no emergency.  You’ll need to book on to one of my classes to find out what the final ‘S’ stands for – oh go on, it’s ‘Smile’.  Don’t ever let it be said that I won’t give something for nothing…..

By applying BRAINS to this current ‘Hypbnobirthing V. Covid’ situation I concluded it is better, for the safety of my clients,  to continue teaching my group courses via Zoom until we know what’s happening with this annoying bug that has totally cocked up 2020!

The Advantages of Staying at Home:

Well, lets put it this way.  What’s NOT to love about getting amazingly powerful and effective tools and techniques to help your birth experience, all whilst staying in the comfort of your own home?  You can sit down, tune in – heck, you don’t even have to get dressed if you don’t want to [Side Note: I’m saying PJ’s are fine.  Best to stay away from total nudity!]

All the hypnosis sessions will take place on your sofa – considering that is where you are going to be doing them after the course has finished, you are being given the perfect practice opportunity.  In fact, it really helps you to visualise yourself being in early labour in your home so the experience feels much more familiar when the big day arrives.

You can log in from anywhere in the world.  You might be abroad on holiday (if only!!) or you might live on the other side of the world.  It doesn’t matter because the only travel you will have to do is from your sofa to your computer to switch it on.

You still get all the benefits of doing the course; access to me until the birth of your baby; an excellent goody bag full of useful gifts for the birth and handouts for the course, 4 downloads plus you get extra videos to support your learning.

And you don’t have to wear a horrid mask – that’s got to be a bonus, right?!

The Feedback Has Been Great:

Luckily there has been some very good birth stories over this time, that have really cemented my opinion that on-line courses, whilst lacking in certain areas and forcing me to look at myself more than anyone should really have to, are just as effective as the face to face ones:

“Hi Dani, It’s Jo.  We had a beautiful little girl this morning.  After a 42 week wait, they had booked me in for an induction at 11am but she popped out at 9am.  I had the birth I wanted and that is all thanks to you – the hypnobirthing worked wonders at calming and grounding me” Jo – London

“My husband and I were initially skeptical of the hypnobirthing movement, but thought that we had nothing to lose by signing up to Dani’s course after a number of our friends had recommended her. After the arrival of our baby boy, we can safely say that we are now hypnobirthing converts and credit Dani and the knowledge she imparted on us for the labour we had and our approach to it.” Mini -London

“Hi Dani, Just wanted to say thank you for encouraging me.  I gave birth to my little boy without epidural and on the hormonal drip which meant my contractions were something out of this space!  But hypnobirthing really really helped so thank you.  I cannot believe I did this.  Even the Dr’s around me couldn’t believe it, they were convinced I would ask for the epidural eventually” Juste – Bushey

“Our little boy born yesterday by c-section weighing 8lb 3oz.  I decided to make Monday my cut off.  I had an examination and nothing had changed so I felt like I was prolonging the inevitable so opted for a caesarean.  It was very calm and relaxed.. Thank you so much for all your help up until now.  You have been the most amazing support ever!!!!” Lauren – Barnet

Face to face hypnobirthing classes covid

Exception to the rules:

Whilst face to face group classes will happen again at some point in the future, all my current virtual group classes do have a face to face element if you would like them to.  Currently the group sessions consist of two online group sessions and a private 1:1 which can be taken online or, if you are happy to, I can come to you (if you are local.  Obvs if you are tuning in from Australia, it might be a little tricky!) I will wear a mask and visor and unless you live in particularly small lift, I should be able to socially distance successfully.

Private courses can also be conducted face to face at a safe distance CLICK HERE if you would like to talk to me about a private session.

Your guide to a calmer birth
Hypnobirthing - Breathing in Short Pants by Dani Diosi
online hypnobirthing courses Covid-19 Corona virus

So, until such time as we can meet again, you can do one of the following:

Download my guide to a Calmer Birth by clicking HERE.  It is a free guide with lots of hints and tips on how you can make your birth a more positive experience.

Pre-order my recently published book on Hypnobirthing by clicking HERE: It comes with 4 downloads and whilst it is not the same as an actual course, it is the next best thing.

Book yourself on to an upcoming online hypnobirthing course by clicking HERE or you can CONTACT ME if you would like to discuss the private group option.

In the mean time

Happy Birthing

Dani xx