• How to become a hypnobirthing instructor

Level Up Your Hypnobirthing Business

Are you already a Hypnobirthing teacher?

  • Are you becoming frustrated teaching the hypnobirthing programme you trained with?
  • Are you frustrated at paying yearly fees or having to buy expensive client packs?
  • Are you wanting to put your own stamp on what you teach?
  • Are you finding it difficult teaching in the required format?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then it is time to level up your hypnobirthing business and become Independent!

Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training with Dani Diosi

Think of it more as 1:1 coaching as opposed to an actual course…..

After all, you are already a hypnobirthing teacher so why would you need to train all over again?  Think of these sessions as a way to explore what you already know, to see if their are any gaps in your knowledge or areas you would like to know more about, practise writing your own scripts and brain storm new content which will enable you to create a hypnobirthing programme that is much more authentically you!

Hypnobirthing practitioner conversion course
Hypnobirthing Practitioner conversion course
Hypnobirthing practitioner conversion course


The cost of the course is £797 (payment plans are available) and includes:

  • 6hr x 1:1 sessions via zoom
  • Training manuals
  • 10 images of your choice from Student Midwife Studygram
  • Teaching resources from Birth Bliss 
  • Access to scripts (although your can write your own) and handouts
  • Continuous support via Facebook and email

Please feel free to contact Dani for more information or to book your sessions