About Dani

About Dani….Dani Diosi DipHe, DypHyp MHS is a highly qualified and experienced Antenatal & Childbirth educator, hypnotherapist, Doula and NLP Master Practioner With nearly 20 years experience.

Her passion combined with vast experience in all areas makes her uniquely qualified to train hypnobirthing practitioners and teachers and it is her absolute passion to enable as many people as possible to pass on hypnobirthing techniques in a way that highlights their existing skill set.

She understands the juggle of running a successful business whilst wanting to support as many pregnant parents through a smooth birth and is creating a ripple effect within the industry to empower more businesses that work within the birthing & pregnancy areas to include hypnobirthing as a way to give you and your clients more empowerment and confidence.
She runs regular hypnobirthing instructor training courses both virtually and in person and has trained practitioners in the UK and internationally.
You can find more about her courses here.

She originally taught for the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and utilised her own experience as a mother to twins to specialise in multiple birth classes. She subsequently qualified in Natal Hypnotherapy in 2008 and worked very closely with Maggie Howell (Natal Hypnotherapy’s founder and director) teaching the course and training and assessing new practitioners.

Dani set up her own hypnobirthing programme in 2015 after qualifying as a hypnotherapist in 2012 and is a recognised Doula with Doula UK and Birth Bliss .  She recognises the importance of learning knowledge in a fun, supportive way but also in a way that you can tailor to your strengths. This is the exact reason she has created her hypnobirthing teacher training courses in a way that gives you all the training you need but she also teaches how you can integrate it into an existing business and / or develop your own way of delivery.

Being unique and standing out is so important as that’s why your clients will want to work with you.

Dani also works with expectant parents co-founder of the successful AllAboutAntenatal programme.  She is also a best-selling author of Hypnobirthing-Breathing in Short Pants available on Amazon.

Dani’s work has been featured in multiple publications including OK! magazine and The Sunday Mirror.

Most importantly, she is wife to her long suffering and extremely patient husband and mum to three teenage girls and three dogs! Her common sense approach is reflected in her home life where she is a firm believer that there’s no such thing as the perfect parent – we can all only do our best!