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Accredited Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training Course

Fully Accredited Training Course

Dani is wearing a green jumper and discussing topics on the hypnobirthing teacher training course with two of her students

Small groups to maximise individualised attention

Hypnobirthing Teacher Training

One off payment. No yearly fees

Accredited Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training Course

Experienced trainer

Hi, I’m Dani Diosi,

Hypnobirthing Teacher Training

An experienced antenatal and childbirth educator, hypnotherapist, Doula, hypnobirthing facilitator and Master NLP practitioner – and mum to three girls.

My fully accredited hypnobirthing teacher training courses are unique in that rather than providing you with a ‘one size fits all’ ‘cookie cutter approach’ you are taught to create a course that is unique and authentic to you.  It allows you flexibility to work with your pregnant clients and enables you to incorporate your existing skill set if you already work within the birthing world. Click here for more information or to book your place or Click here to download a free guide to levelling up your birth business with hypnobirthing.

Have a look at what we have to offer and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Dani xx

Hypnobirthing - Breathing in Short Pants by Dani Diosi

Hypnobirthing – Breathing in Short Pants

I am very excited to announce the publication of my first book.  If you have been intrigued by what hypnobirthing is but worried that it involves far too much incense burning and navel gazing, then this is the book for you.  A fun and informative guide written to take the ‘hippy’ out of hypnobirthing.  Buy your copy  here

All practitioners who do the Hypnobirthing teacher training with me will get a free copy.  However, if you are already a hypnobirthing teacher and would like copies of my book to give to your clients, please get in touch about buying in bulk.

Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training


This totally independent hypnobirthing instructor training programme not only trains you to teach your clients powerful and effective hypnobirthing techniques but enables you to create your own programme that is authentic to you.  There are no on-going fees or expensive client packs, just support and encouragement from other like minded practitioners.

Payment plans are available, please click here to find out more information or get in touch with us for a chat.

Independent Hypnobirthing instructor training independent


Read the latest musings of a self-proclaimed birth geek!  I’m also a mother of three teenage girls which makes life pretty hectic sometimes.  If you fancy putting your feet up and having a read then click here.

What our clients say about us

As an antenatal teacher of almost 25 years, I started off thinking that Hypnobirthing would add a little to my repertoire.  It hasn’t just added a few strings to my bow but given me a whole new violin!

Dani’s teaching is exceptional and she is that rare creature – an accomplished practitioner with an encyclopaedic knowledge of her subject who is willing to share her skills with others to enhance the reproductive lives of women everywhere.

Andrea Antenatal Teacher, Hendon

The MamaSerene practitioner course combines not only incredibly thorough and meticulous teaching by Dani on the hypnobirthing side of things but also gives you the confidence to teach.

Her patience, kindness, understanding and willingness to share so much is something very unique.  She creates a professional foundation of knowledge through her teaching and support that goes far beyond the surface, filling you with the confidence to be a professional hypnobirthing practitioner.

She has created an invaluable community with herself and past students to share ideas and support each other.  Dani is always there and always listens.

Fiona Doula, Northamptonshire

The Hypnobirthing course was enlightening, intriguing and everything I hoped it would be.

Dani is a highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer who exudes positive energy and engagement.

Thank you Dani, I am excited to start running workshops, safe in the knowledge I have everything I need to do so.

JoolsHypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, Chesham

Over a short space of time I have seen how women and their families are caught by the polices and protocols of our health care system. I wanted women to have more choice, more of a voice, more power.

Having Dani as a teacher was and is the best. Yes creating my own course was probably harder, but I wanted something unique to me. Sharing my knowledge and passion, oh and my spirit in creating my own little hypnobirthing cocoon.

AmandaMidwife, Australia

I’ve been fully booked with hypno clients since doing your course :)

ZelleDoula, Dorset

I decided to train with Dani as I liked the flexibility of being able to design my own hypnosis scripts and tailor a hypnosis course to specific client needs rather than be confined to a particular format.

As an experienced childbirth educator, I applaud Dani’s very matter-of-fact and scientific approach towards the application of hypnobirthing.  I have been amazed how understanding the workings of the subconscious has totally changed the way I now approach antenatal education.

Dani is a supportive and knowledgeable tutor and I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in hypnobirthing training.

JoyAntenatal Teacher, Scotland

I was looking for a hypnobirthing training course and I felt drawn to Dani’s course because I knew I could make my own content.

Dani shared so much great content during the week and combined with my feet on the ground as a practicing doula I have been able to continuously evolve my course as my experience grows.

It dawned on me the other day, whilst actually at a birth, that I am still getting so much out of doing the course with Dani because I now have skills which enables me to illicit a calmness and relaxation, via hypnosis, throughout the birth and that is so valuable.

I value how she taught the techniques and the on-going support I have from her and the community she has created on the facebook group.

I highly recommend Dani and her courses.

Daniella Doula, Bristol

I did a lot of research into hypnobirthing training courses and course providers.  Through reading Dani’s website and social media, I felt very comfortable with the idea of working with her.  I liked her tone, personable approach and her ability to describe things in such a way as to make them real.

I was also attracted to the course because I didn’t want to simply regurgitate somebody else’s words so the real hook into booking with Dani was because she allows you to create your own course and supports you to do that.  I felt that would be such a bonus because I could incorporate it into a regular antenatal session, into my doula work, regular hypnobirthing courses, adapt it to client’s experiences and birth plans. It gave me the flexibility to put my own stamp on what I was teaching.

It was an amazing training week – I didn’t want it to end.  There was plenty of opportunity to practise, in a small group and a supportive environment.

There is still ongoing support from Dani and our facebook group.  The community she has created has been hugely beneficial for me.

For anyone looking to do their hypnobirthing practitioner training, I highly recommend Dani’s course.  Her amazing knowledge and expertise as well as her ongoing support has been invaluable.

Emily Doula, Cornwallo