• Hypnobirthing - Breathing in Short Pants by Dani Diosi

Hypnobirthing – Breathing in Short Pants by Dani Diosi

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Hypnobirthing - breathing in short pants by Dani Diosi

Oh my goodness – its finally here!!!!

I never thought I would say the words “I’ve written a book!” Well I can and here it is.

‘Hypnobirthing – Breathing in Short Pants’ by Dani Diosi (that’s me!!!!!!) is a fresh look at all things birth with a good pinch of humour thrown in for good measure.  I know there are A LOT of childbirth books out there and there are probably just as many books on Hypnobirthing.  However, I have thrown my 15 plus years of experience as an antenatal educator, Hypnobirthing practitioner, hypnotherapist and doula at it, not to mention everything I have learnt from the thousands of clients I have taught over the years. My aim, with this book, is to grab the attention of everyone who is pregnant, has a pregnant friend or relative or partner, those who work with pregnancy or would like to and those who wouldn’t normally consider Hypnobirthing.  It looks at the history of childbirth which helps to put into context why it is we are so terrified of giving birth and at practical ways in which, despite having very real fears, we can make the birth of our babies a positive experience.

Hypnnobirthing Breathing in Short Pants by Dani Diosi

It takes the ‘hippy’ out of Hypnobirthing.

There are no language changes or promises of ‘Pain free birth’ in this book.  What many people don’t realise, because of the silly name, is that Hypnobirthing is not just about water births and whale music but that is extremely relevant for anyone having a baby.  In a day and age when childbirth is looked on as a medical condition and a highly dangerous event, it can be helpful to gain knowledge that enable you to get back in touch with the birthing knowledge you were born with.  The book takes you through the physiology of birth and the process of Hypnobirthing from why chimpanzees appear to have no worries about their births to what a hypnosis script is made up of.

Illustrations in 'Hypnobirthing Breathing in Short Pants' by Student midwife study gram
Free hypnosis downloads included with Hypnobirthing Breathing in Short Pants by Dani Diosi


…. the book is beautifully illustrated by the talented, wonderful and extremely generous Student Midwife Studygram.  Jessica is a student midwife whose love for visual learning has inspired a very successful business selling images; PDF’s; Study aids and much more to antenatal teachers, midwives and anyone who appreciates how much of an art form the pregnant body really is.  You can see her beautiful work HERE.

The book also gives you access to 4 DOWNLOADABLE MP3’s so you can build on and maximise everything you learn in the book.