Too Scared to Push?

Been meaning to get back to blogging for ages, but there always seems to be something else – children, work, dogs - that gets in the way . However, the report at the weekend about women being able to choose a Caesarean section, regardless of medical necessity was obviously the kick up the bottom I needed to put mouse to mat, because here I am! Please, don’t think for one moment think I’m disapproving of those with a valid reason for choosing a section. I’ve seen enough clients traumatised by bad birth experiences to know that c-section really is the only option if they want to extend their family. . With those women, I join in rejoicing that an overwhelming fear-factor can be, if not removed, at least circumnavigated, so they can enjoy their pregnancies, births and children. Nor am I saying those whose births ended as Caesareans, should have fought harder/done something differently. Far from it – birth doesn’t always go according to plan and whether a medical necessity, circumstance or intervention necessitates babies coming out via ‘the sun roof’, the birth of a baby and the start of a new life is always something to celebrate as is the fact that we have the life-saving technology we do.