How Much Do Hypnobirthing Teachers Make
Hypnobirthing Teacher Salary
How Much Can You Earn As A Hypnobirthing teacher

Can I Make Money From Teaching Hypnobirthing?

If you are considering a change in career, or adding hypnobirthing to your existing business, then you will obviously want to know if you can make money from it.  Whether hypnobirthing teaching will be your main job or it is an additional stream of income, there is a lot of time and work that goes into it as well as the initial investment of training and I totally understand that you want to make sure you see a financial return.

How Much Money Do Hypnobirthing Teachers Make?

This obviously depends on which area you teach in, although now we are all aficionados with the old Zoom technology (thanks Pandemic!), it is possible to teach anywhere in the world without having to leave your front room.

A quick search on Google shows that clients wanting hypnobirthing classes will pay anywhere from £150 – £295 for group classes with upwards of £500 being charged for private 1:1 sessions.  So, if you charge £250 and are able to teach 4 couples per group session, you could make your training investment back from running just 2 courses.  You will obviously need to factor in whether your hypnobirthing practitioner course provider is going to charge you ongoing fees (I don’t charge any extras!) or if they will charge you for buying client information packs etc (nope,I don’t do that either) plus you might have to pay for a venue if teaching from your home is not a viable option for you.

Hypnobirthing Practitioner Salary

How Do I Make Money As A Hypnobirthing Teacher?

To be completely honest with you, there are A LOT of hypnobirthing practitioners out there. Being affiliated to one of the big hypnobirthing brands is not what is going to get you clients because your average pregnant punter will search for ‘hypnobirthing classes near me’ or go by word of mouth as opposed to searching specifically for a particular hypnobirthing name.  So, you should network locally to get your name spread around and invest some time making sure your website includes some SEO terms and having a look at Google My Business which is great for highlighting your services to those who are looking for local classes.

However, what is going to make your hypnobirthing business unique and successful is YOU.  Which is precisely why you need to pick a hypnobirthing practitioner training course that gives you the flexibility so you can teach your course your way.  Whilst I understand that training to teach a course in a set way which allows you to hit the ground running with a fully structured format may make things easier at first but you are going to be regurgitating somebody else’s words ….. and offering, pretty much, what many others out there are offering too – people buy from people and to stand out from other hypnobirthing practitioners, you’ll want to do things your way.

How much do hypnobirthing teachers make
Hypnobirthing teacher salary

Become An Independent Hypnobirthing Teacher

Whilst it’s not a pre-requisite to becoming a hypnobirthing teacher, if you are already working with pregnant clients, you are in a great position to help them even more than you already are. You are also (if you’re anything like me) likely to be becoming increasingly frustrated with the current maternity system.  So why not offer your clients ALL the tools and techniques.  Hypnobirthing fits so well with other holistic pregnancy support services such as pregnancy yoga, pregnancy reflexology as well as any other technique that enables a pregnant woman to connect with her body because they are all, believe it or not, working with the subconscious.  It is also the perfect accompaniment for a doula practice, or a midwife.  Imagine the full rounded service you could offer?

By training to become an independent hypnobirthing practitioner it means you can create a course that enables you to incorporate your existing skills and offer something truly unique to your lucky clients. If you want to know more about levelling up your birth business with hypnobirthing, then feel free to download this free booklet.

You can either apply your new-found skills to what you teach already or offer separate hypnobirthing classes thus providing you with an extra revenue stream.

And if you do already have a pregnant client base, you are in the perfect position to introduce them to the concept of hypnobirthing and how that positively influences their mindset from early on in their pregnancies.

How Do I Become A Hypnobirthing Practitioner?

If you are interested in training to become a hypnobirthing teacher, then click here to have a look at my course and the training dates available.

I am always available for a chat and offer full hypnobirthing instructor training courses or independent conversion/expansion courses if you are already trained but want to take your hypnobirthing teaching to the next level.

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