“I feel so incredibly grateful for the course we did with you……”

Dear Dani,

I’m writing with some news and a huge amount of gratitude.  Baby H was born on 26th October and we’re enjoying him hugely!

I feel so incredibly grateful for the course we did with you, and the recordings that followed which prepared us so brilliantly for the delivery and everything that went with it, and significantly influenced my thinking about giving birth.

The birth was as natural and non-medicalised as I could have asked given that I had to be on the labour ward.  I didn’t need any pain relief or gas and air.  With each contraction  H leaned on my lower back and I breathed through each one.  H was also brilliant with affirmations and reminders to breathe out.  I think I was lucky – from going to hospital to the birth only took 4 hours, but I still think I was able to get through it in such a relaxed and natural way thanks to your preparation.

I stayed active throughout, using a yoga ball, and delivered the baby on my knees, leaning against the head of the bed.  Only a tiny tear and no stitches needed.

Your training empowered me to feel more in control of the environment – we dimmed the lights considerably, played classical music and had lavender oil out.  The lady who came past to talk to us about donating cord blood commented on what a calm environment it was compared with the other labour rooms.  When I was asked to have a cannula inserted upon arrival, I questioned why (it was just in case I lost blood afterwards), asked about the risks of not having one, and made the decision not to have one.  In the end I did lose blood after and needed one fitted, but I’m still glad that I wasn’t encumbered by extra tubes during the labour.

He came at 38 weeks after a sweep in the morning (at which the midwife said he was very low and would probably have come imminently even without a sweep.)

And you were right about the unreliable “big baby” predictions.  H was a lovely, middling 7.5lb!

So I feel incredibly grateful, and have been singing your praises to everyone who has asked about the birth.  Thank you so so much and I will continually recommend your work!

Miriam – Hendon


“….you really helped me overcome a lifetime of fear!”

Dear Dani,

I wanted to write a quick e-mail to thank you for your help and support through your enlightening workshop. I hadn’t even realised how terrified I had been about giving birth and accepting the reality of having a child. After the course, I and my partner, both felt so relaxed and prepared. It was a great bonding experience for us. I hadn’t thought about his role and he didn’t know how valuable he could be. 

My whole birth experience was amazing. My waters broke 24 hours earlier and I was very relaxed. I laboured at home, listening to the hypnotherapy CDs and used the techniques and suggestions to help me through until it was time to go to hospital. When we arrived there, midwives told me I was ready to push…I couldn’t believe it!! I had enough time to get in the pool and my beautiful daughter was born 2 hours later (my contractions slowed as I was so relaxed). The whole experience was calm, relaxed and exactly the opposite of everything I had previously feared. 

If anyone would have told me I would have a calm, natural birth (with just a little gas and air), I would never had believed it! You are an incredible teacher (I should know, I’m a teacher too!). I feel you tailored your course to each person and you really helped me overcome a lifetime fear, as well as except parenthood. I can’t recommend you highly enough….but I do try!

Thanks again,

Lynette – Radlett


“The ‘self-doubt’ phase became the exact opposite”

Hi Dani

How are you?

Just wanted to let you know that Archie Graham was born last Wednesday at home, weighing 9lb 10oz. Thanks to natal hypnotherapy, it was all manageable with just the tens and a few toots on the gas and air at the end.

The ‘self-doubt’ phase became the exact opposite as I knew that when the contractions were coming one on top of another, it meant that the baby was nearly here. And the pushing stage was similar to Finn’s birth in that I experienced the ejection reflex and ‘couldn’t not’ push him out. That bit happened very quickly (in fact it was all quite quick: we rang the midwives at around 12.15pm, they arrived around 13.30 and I had Archie at 14.35!)

Thank you so much for your help in ‘revising’ for this birth – I am truly grateful to have discovered MamaSerene which I think should be compulsory for all pregnant women!

Julia x

Julia – Stanmore



Hi Dani, 

Just to let you know our baby Alfred Miles Carpenter was born at home on Tuesday. The birth went really well. The MamaSerene technique was invaluable!! Freddie was born in the corner of our dining room as he didn’t fancy coming out in the birthing pool. The music played throughout his birth and brought a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Amazing!!!!!
We just wanted to say a great big thank you. The course was the best preparation we did without a doubt. We were both completely inspired and bored our friends and families to death! 

Hope you are well. We would recommend you to anyone! 

Thanks and much love from 

Nat, Martin and Freddie xxxxx

Natalie – Watford


“There is no question, your course made a difference.”

Dear Dani

We want to say a massive thank you for teaching us the MamaSerene approach.

Before the birth, the knowledge and encouragement we had gained from you had already made us feel comfortable with what we were trying to do. But now – 3 weeks on from the birth of our daughter Rebecca – we have been able to reflect a little. Not only did we have a spontaneous, natural birth free of intervention and drugs, we also had a very quick labour. Having been sent home only 1cm dilated, the midwife at the birthing centre was amazed at how fast the labour had progressed with nothing more than a TENS machine and some co-codamol. There is no question your course made a difference. We both came away with a strong belief in what was possible, armed with relaxation techniques and importantly we found you to be a great listener and excellent at explaining things.  

We are so happy with how things went and feel very proud that we have a positive birth story. Thank you!

Jen and Joel Rogoff – Bushey


“…really emphasised my role as the husband and birthing partner.”

I will admit to being a little sceptical of hypnobirthing.  We had used another hypnosis for birth technique during the birth of our first child and it had not gone according to plan.  However, MamaSerene really emphasised my role as the husband and birthing partner.  That was hugely important to me, to feel like I had a purpose and to feel like I was of some use – I felt I could understand the needs of my wife and daughter.  Throughout the birth Teena remained calm and in control and the experience was all that we had hoped for.  We look back at the birth of our daughter as a very positive and special experience and Dani, you helped us achieve that.

Stephen – Chesham


“I cannot recommend Dani highly enough.”

I took a course in MamaSerene hypnosis for birth in preparation for the birth of my second child.  Dani welcomed us to her beautiful and comfortable home; she was hospitable and accommodating.  I found her to be extremely conversant and enthusiastic in teaching the course.  More importantly she was willing to listen to my previous birth experience and was able to apply her knowledge to explain how I could improve my forthcoming labour.  Without Dani’s teaching I can honestly say that my husband and I would not have had the wonderful birth experience that I did ultimately achieve.  I cannot recommend Dani highly enough.  She is patient, considerate and understanding, and in my opinion an expert in the field of hypnobirthing

Teena – Chesham.


 “I would recommend learning MamaSerene techniques to other parents-to-be”

Hi Dani,

What your MamaSerene hypnobirthing course did for Paul and I was to let us know what was to come.  This meant that a great part of our fear was taken away.  As for the birth itself, I dealt with it confidently and calmly – the hypnotherapy techniques became very useful to create a safe and comfortable space for myself inside my own mind, where I could go and be absorbed for each contraction.  At 8.50pm my gorgeous, happy and very chilled out son was born, head first into water.  I absolutely attribute his stoic demeanour and his perfect latch, about 2 hrs later to his calm, controlled and entirely drug free birth.

Thanks again for a great course!

Anna – Camden.


“Thank you”

Hi Dani,

Just to let you know Annie Grace was born this morning and I didn’t panic once about bleeding etc.  I was so calm about it, so thank you so so much.  I had quite a quick labour – ish and then pushed for about three minutes with no tearing so feel so happy about it all.

Melissa – Borehamwood


“…..able to use many of the relaxation techniques during the procedure…..”

Hi Dani,

We’re pleased to report that James Harrison was born on 14 December weighing 7 lbs 4 oz. He remained breech (was too low in my pelvis and not enough fluid to turn or be turned) so was born by planned csection wee-ing all over the surgeon when he was born (a little habit he’s kept up for nappy changing time!). Obviously not the birth we had planned at the outset but  was still a fantastic experience (focusing on outcomes on your advice!) and I was able to use many of the relaxation techniques we learned from you and the CD in preparation, during the procedure and the recovery.

 Been pretty relentless since we got back from hospital (have no idea how you managed with twins!) but James is doing really well and Jim and I are getting more confident with parenthood with each day that passes.

 A big thanks again to you and MamaSerene – we will be recommending both at any opportunity!

 Natalie and Jim – Watford


“It really worked”

Hi Dani

First of all a MASSIVE thank you for your help, it really worked! Joshua James was born on Monday and 6.19pm.  I started to have fairly mild contractions at 1.45 am but managed to fall asleep to the CD.  About mid-morning the breathing practice really came in to its own and was really helpful in controlling the pain.  Once I got to hospital I got into the water and was able to relax and rest between contractions and still remember my breathing etc.  The difference from last time was amazing.  Adrian was fabulous and it was a magical experience for us both.  I started pushing and really got the hang of it, he was out within a few pushes – a whopping 10lb 3oz!!

Anyway, thank you a million times for the MamaSerene course (it’s something that I found really useful and if I had still been hung up on not poohing I don’t think I would have ever got the hang of the whole pushing malarkey!) I am more than happy for you to use any of the above for your website.

Liz – Chorley Wood


“Awsome Hypnobirthing”

Oran made his way smoothly into the world last night, And what an awesome experience.  He was a week earlier than his due date and we didn’t make to the Birthing Centre, he was born into Greg’s hands in the bathroom!  Dani, it was awesome.  You know this already but MamaSerene hypnosis for birth was a gift to my baby, myself and our family.  The labour progressed with natural rhythm, I sped through transition (with just a big thirst and barking orders at Greg!) and then just as Greg rounded the bathroom door with the car keys, I shook my head, and said no he is coming now.  And in a few pushes, he was out.  A cry of welcome, then a contented 6lbs 9oz baby boy on my chest.  Just 7 hours of pure instinct, riding those waves, full deep breathing, affirmation and a sense of power that I didn’t know I had – but I loved every minute of it.  Thank you Dani!

Toria – Pinner


“Your wonderful Tuition”

Hi Dani,

Rachel and I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to let you know that our son, Daniel, was born at 4.34 am on the morning of August 25th after a 28 hour long labour at home and in the pool exactly as we wanted.

We used the Natal Hypnotherapy techniques that we’d learnt with you and know that they really helped Rachel and I through the whole of the labour. Rachel used MamaSerene hypnobirthing techniques, the water and gas and air and that was it!  The midwives in attendance all said that they thought the programme had been of immense value and had really made a huge difference to the labour and to the birth.

So once again, many, many thanks for your wonderful Tuition

Simon – Milton Keynes