“MamaSerene hypnobirthing should be mandatory for all pregnant couples” – David, Stanmore

“Initially very sceptical, but now I am very glad I attended. Plus I feel more confident about my ability to help her during labour and birth” – Jas, Watford

“10/10! I really enjoyed it and gained from it.” – Barry, Radlett

“WoW! What a few days! We had our baby, a beautiful little girl, yesterday.  Thank you so much, Dani and all at Natal Hypnotherapy.” – Phil, Watford


Birth partners or fathers are often overlooked when it comes to giving birth but their support and complete confidence in their ability to support their partner can make all the difference between a calm, relaxed birth and a stressed, adrenaline fuelled one.

MamaSerene hypnobirthing certainly doesn’t require you to be a hypnotist and read great long scripts with flowery language to your partner.  You are simply shown how to create a safe, secure and protected atmosphere so she can take herself into a relaxed , hypnotic state.  You will be taught powerful triggers to help re-focus her attention and breathing whenever that may become necessary, ensuring that the two of you work together as an effective team to help bring your baby into the world.

Please do feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.

By attending these workshops, a father or birth partner will:-

  • Have a better understanding of the birthing process
  • Have the opportunity to discuss their fears, concerns and needs
  • Enjoy watching the mother let go of her fears and learn to relax deeply
  • Learn effective ways to support and help her during the birth
  • Learn how to help her have the birth that is right for her
  •  Feel calmer and more relaxed about the forthcoming birth