Freddie started to make himself known around 1.00 am, with the first contraction taking me by surprise. It was strong and several more contractions came at regular three minute intervals. I turned to my natal hypnotherapy music and started to put into practice all the techniques I had learnt on my course; trying to give my husband Martin a chance to sleep.

After a visit from the midwives early morning we were left to carry on as we were. I was able to grab a little rest between contractions and by this time had taken up residency in my ‘baobab tree’ ( a corner of our dining room with a mattress, blankets and pillows.) We had prepared the rest of the room with our birthing pool and fairy lights on a dimmer switch.

Over the next few hours I made use of the birth companion cd on headphones, a TENS machine and lavender on a muslin cloth. I held martins hand each time I felt a contraction coming and said our code word ‘carrot’ for when I wanted him to say 3,2,1 relax and massage me.

Eventually our midwives came around mid-day. They settled in with a cup of tea while I rocked on my hands and knees through the next few hours. In between contractions I laughed and joked and then focused, using my birth breath through the contractions.

Around 6.00 pm I got into the birth pool. I felt the urge to bear down. I started to push, however my waters had not broken and it was difficult for the midwives to see how far behind the water sack our baby’s head was. They asked me to get out and I crawled back into my baobab tree.

A few minutes later our son Alfred was born, my waters went moments before ( an almost water birth). He was placed straight into my arms where he latched on almost immediately. It was love a first sight. However the midwives asked me his name and I said Albert… at which point Alfred pooed all over me!

I am pleased to say I enjoyed my first birth experience and was so relieved i was able to have the home birth i had planned. The midwives commented on how calm I was and on return check up visits got vey animated about the birth and how much they had enjoyed it also. Doing a natal hypnotherapy workshop gave both my husband and I so many tools to draw upon during the birth. By using the CDs and reading the book we felt calm, reassured and excited….. What more can you ask for?

Natalie – Watford