RCM accreditation logo (2)This weekend I headed out to Haslemere, Surrey to teach some of the latest batch of Natal Hypnotherapy™ practitioner trainees about birth physiology.  Their actual hypnotherapy training programme started Monday but because these particular recruits don’t have a background in childbirth education, I was able to wax lyrical on one of my favourite subjects – why and how the female body is so brilliantly designed to do what it’s supposed to ie: go forth and multiply!

You may be wondering what made these particular recruits want to undergo, this RCM (that’s Royal College of Midwives, doncha know!!) accredited training programme and become a part of the Natal Hypnotherapy™ organisation, as they’re not already midwives, doulas or antenatal educators.  The answer’s simple.  They’re mums who, having used the Natal Hypnotherapy™ techniques for the births of their own babies, were so inspired that they wanted to learn how to teach others so they could empower their births too.

There are a lot of ‘NH Mums’ within our organisation, many of whom have tried other hypnosis for birth programmes and found Natal Hypnotherapy™ to be the best.  I think that must be the biggest testimonial – because shouldn’t life always be about practicing what you preach?

So you Go Girls!  An intense week  (with no slacking) lies ahead, essays, teaching observations and assessments to follow– but it will all be worth it because there’s no doubt about it – Natal Hypnotherapy™ rocks!

For information on the Natal Hypnotherapy™ hypnobirthing courses I run in Hertfordshire and Middlesex please feel free to contact me dani@mamaserene.co.uk or check out dates and information at www.mamaserene.co.uk.

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