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Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training

Dani is very knowledgable, approachable, encouraging and positive.  Generous with time, information and resources.  A wonderful teacher and mentor (Chloe, Hertfordshire)

I have loved this week so so much.  It has flown by and I genuinely will rave about it to everyone.  I feel confident in my hypnobirthing practitioner future! (Claire, Reading)

Welcome to the MamaSerene practitioner training page.  I am hoping you have found your way here because you are interested in using this amazing technique to help pregnant women and their partners. 

The term ‘Hypnobirthing’ has become synonymous with a set of skills and techniques to help a woman remain calm and in control, however she gives birth to her baby. Is it a magic wand to guarantee all women a straight forward birth with no complications? No, it isn’t. But it is magic enough to ensure women enjoy their pregnancy, look forward to the birth and feel the experience has been a positive one however their babies are born.

Would you like to become a totally independent Hypnobirthing instructor? Would you benefit from learning how to use these techniques within your doula practice? Maybe you used a particular technique for the birth of your own child – or maybe you wish you had – and would love to help others achieve a positive birth.

This totally Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training teaches you how to create and grow your clients’ confidence in their own ability, teaching them effective, practical techniques, no matter what type of birth they are planning or have.

Hypnobirthing practitioner course

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Why become an independent practitioner?

There are many different hypnobirthing techniques and they work on the same principle – the more relaxed the mother is during labour, the more the labour hormones are able to do their job. However, training with other brands of hypnobirthing, usually requires you to teach their way, using their products and selling their downloads. I train people who have an interest in childbirth, a passion for supporting and teaching women and who prefer to do that teaching in the way that suits them best, as individual practitioners. Following on from this, you’ll understand why I believe an important element of this course is that you will be recording your own downloads for your own clients, continuing to build their confidence by hearing your voice rather than them having to transfer their trust and adjust to the voice of a person they’ve never even met.

Who are you?

Maybe you want to set up a totally new business/practice based on supporting women and their partners during pregnancy and birth? Perhaps you want to incorporate additional skills into your existing Doula or childbirth educational Practice?

Who am I?

An experienced Childbirth Educator, Hypnobirthing Instructor, Hypnotherapist, Doula and International Hypnosis-For-Birth Practitioner and Trainer. I developed the MamaSerene Hypnobirthing programme after teaching another hypnosis for birth training for 9 years.


  • 5 days face-to-face training (more face-to-face hours than other current courses.)
  • Module for non-childbirth professionals.
  • Methods to make your teaching highly effective for the benefit of your clients.
  • An understanding of all the business elements you need to run a successful practice.
  • Optional access to a hypnobirthing book for parents (Published March 2020)


  • What hypnosis is and what it isn’t.
  • An analysis of different hypnobirthing methods.
  • How the subconscious works and how it can be changed.
  • How to construct and understand a hypnosis script.
  • How to support clients with the use of positive language and change of mindset.
  • The state of mind that supports physiological birth.
  • How to support clients to give birth within the current health system.
  • The history of a fear-based birth culture and how it influences and impacts on pregnant women and those around them.
  • The importance of the birth environment.
  • Mammals instinctively know what to do to give birth safely and comfortably – showing how this can be replicated to help your clients trust their own instincts and grow their confidence.
  • The dynamics of group teaching or individual private courses.
  • How to assess and work with different types of clients.


  • Scripts to use for teaching.
  • Scripts to make your own downloads for clients.
  • Support in creating your own course along with the necessary materials.
  • A full Training Manual and Birth Physiology manual.
  • Access to Facebook pages for peer and professional support.
  • Comprehensive, effective business module.
  • Post-course module.
  • Listing on the MamaSerene Hypnosis for Birth Practitioner Register.
  • Thirty-minute phone mentoring and supervision with Dani Diosi.

For Doulas and existing birth workers: £725
For non-birth workers, to include Birth Physiology Training Module and Assessment: £875

2 – day Conversion Courses are also available for existing hypnobirthing practitioners who wish to become independent.  Please email Dani directly for dates and prices.

If you wish to pay in instalments, please email me directly and I can let you have my bank details and a payment break down.  Please note that there is a £20 surcharge if you choose this option.  Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Enrol Now’ button below and pay all at once. 

Dates and exact locations listed below may be subject to change but notice will be given with as much notice as possible

Course accredited by Birth Bliss Academy. All trainees will be able to obtain insurance to teach pregnant woman through BGI Insurance on completion of the post-course module and subsequent qualification.

Please Note: You will not be hypnotherapists and will be unable to use hypnosis in any other context other than the one for which you have been trained, namely pregnancy and childbirth.

11th - 15th November 2019Derby5 places left
16th - 20th March 2020London4 places left
12th - 16th October 2020London10 places left
The only hypnobirthing practitioner course approved by a Doula UK training course