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When I wrote my Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training programme it was because I felt that there was nothing similar on the market.  Yes, there are many, many different ‘brands’ the interested parties can train with but all of them required practitioners to keep on spending money with them.  This was either through annual fees or by expecting practitioners to buy client packs for every booking they made. To top it all off, clients would get used to the practitioner they had on their training and then have to get used to a totally different voice on the downloads.

In addition, I wanted to practitioners to feel, that even though they potentially had a bit more work at the beginning, by producing their own course they wou...

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Training to be an Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner

training to be a hypno birthing practitioner uk

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Train to be an

Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner

I’m going to level with you. Being a totally Independent Practitioner only works for a certain type of person.

trainging to be a hypno birthing practitionerThis is how you’ll know it’s not for you:

1.You don’t believe Face to Face Training with a real Person, gives you a whole lot more than interacting with a screen.

MamaSerene Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training gives you:
Five Full days Face to Face; rather more than any other similar programme out there. Why? Because you get plenty of practice time; opportunity to question; space to learn about teaching and running a business. Plus, an unmissable chance to work with other like-minded women...

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