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Ostrich Burger Anyone?

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I recently had the luck to go away for a night with a couple of friends of mine.  All of us busy working mums so the arranging of this luxury was not the most simple of tasks. Other halves had to make sure they could be certain places at certain times, play dates had to be arranged so children would not be stranded at school, multiple packing of multiple suitcases had to be undertaken as well as making sure that school bags had everything that was needed for the next two days so that afore mentioned other halves would have no reason to berate us for taking this much deserved break. However, eventually off we set, our guilt at leaving our children firmly under control (kissing them until I had to be physically removed does not count!) and very much looking forward to our road trip.

We had ...

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I’m pregnant – Only good stories please!

Why do people have a hard time remembering their manners when it comes to talking to pregnant women?  Would you go up to someone who was about to have their appendix out and say “My cousin Stan, died from that operation!” Or “She was never the same again….” to someone about to have a hysterectomy??????  Yet on hearing that someone is expecting, complete strangers will waste no time in saying  “…..52 hours in labour I was, huge baby – they had to cut me – couldn’t sit down for weeks….”  or “….the pain was unbelievable – thought I was going to die…”

The media does not help, ‘One Born Every Minute’, Channel Four’s recent documentary on the labour ward at Southampton Hospital worn a BAFTA for Best Factual Series.  The majority of births were, quite frankly, terrifying...

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