Pregnancy Relaxation

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If you are not sure whether you want to partake in the full hypnobirthing programme but like the idea of spending a bit of time each week relaxing and focussing on your baby as well as learning a few empowering techniques along the way, then our rolling six-week SereneElements pregnancy relaxation programme is for you.  It is the perfect environment to help you feel calm and relaxed and increase your confidence in your body’s abilities to birth your baby.  Whether you are planning a natural birth or a Caesarean section, these sessions are guaranteed to help you gain a positive mind set for your birth and provides an excellent opportunity to meet and chat with other pregnant mothers local to you.

Mamas can attend any time from 12 weeks and either attend one batch of six sessions or keep going until their baby is born.  The first session is £12 which is then redeemable against the rest of the six weeks.